April 4, 2011

Bullying in our schools

By kimberly

The other day a voter asked me what I would do to stop the bullying in our schools.  I think that this article has really great advice for parents who are concerned about bullying in their child’s school:



Bullying can not be ignored in our schools.  It can not be tolerated.  It is not a right of passage for our youth.  It is a serious problem and is not included in safe and caring learning environment for our children.

I just clicked through our district website, and did not find an anti-bullying resources for parents, and did not see a statement on bullying on the website or in the official Handbook that I was given when the boys registered for school.  I would like to see these crafted, published and implemented so parents and students know that bullying is not tolerated in our schools.

So what would I do as a school board member to stop bullying in our schools?

My approach would be to do a district wide assessment on the state of bullying in our schools.  I would create a committee to look at the data involved in incidences of bullying.  I would contact The University of Illinois Department of Education, and specifically a former Professor that I have worked with, who is an expert on the subject of bullying in the schools, and who has developed anti-bullying programs for schools, and has worked with schools implementing programs.  With her advice, we would develop our own program or choose a data-driven program, which we would implement at the district level, and the district policy on bullying would be known to all parents sending their children to our schools.